Trainability Employability and Present-ability- our roadmap for future

CADD Institute of Technology is a training initiative of CADD Institute of Technology, India in collaboration with AIT, Ghana. CADD Institute of Technology is poised to create a roadmap for the future of prospective engineers by the fostering growth of engineer related skill sets and creating significant employment opportunities by enhancing present-ability, self-esteem and confidence

Focusing on the need of the hour, Trainability Employability and Present-ability, our roadmap for future, we introduce "Ghana Campaign" to foster the growth of engineering sector & thereby, leading to massive employment opportunities for prospective Ghanaian Engineers.

CADD Institute of Technology offers a wide range of programs in CAD/CAM/CAE which allows students and professionals to choose options that interest them most. The objective is to impart quality training to Ghanaian students in Computer Aided Designing so that they exploit CAD/CAM/CAE technology in the best possible manner and at the same time are able to keep pace with the fast evolving engineering industry. CADD Institute of Technology is committed to provide CAD education and training to its students in order to create a generation of best engineering professionals. Vigorous practical training and continuous practice of professional skills help the students to improve their software learning and understanding the overall process of learning.

To make sure that the INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED CERTIFICATE awarded by CADD Institute of Technology, India is a prized possession for every student, it is rendered after a comprehensive evaluation and assessment