Programs at a glance

CADD Institute of Technology is offering varoius programs at different levels. These programs range from a foundation to a level-3 certification.

Foundation Program

  • This is the basic, entry level program offered by CADD Institute of Technology. This is best suited for students and graduates to have a clear understanding of CAD tools. This is the foundation on which all the vertical courses are built. This program is offered by all the centres in the CADD Institute of Technology training network.

Level 1 Certification

  • CADD Institute of Technology Level 1 Certifications are best suited for the fresh diploma and engineering students. This program gives the basic understanding and facilitates participants to make designs comfortably.

Level 2 Certification

  • CADD Institute of Technology Level 2 Certifications on CAD/CAM/CAE is suitable for engineers and experienced diploma engineers. This program will help engineers to improve the productivity skills and career growth. Participants will benefit greatly from this program and understand the latest technologies.

Level 3 Certification

  • CADD Institute of Technology Level 3 Certifications is the start to end, comprehensive program on CAD/CAM/CAE suitable for engineers who wish to build a career in core engineering profession. It is certain that engineers will get an employment or career growth after effective completion of this program.